“Agro-Belogorye” goes on in collaboration with REC “Innovative solutions in AIC” and became key industrial partner of the research and educational center. With comprehensive support of REC a pilot project for development and implementation of video supervision system based on machine vision started on the base of OOO “Belgorodsky pig farm”. The project is unique worldwide as well: it combines the technology of machine vision, neural networks and augmented reality and should solve the problem of animals’ personal identification.

The holding continues to develop the lean production technologies. The pilot project for energy-efficient water consumption on pig farms enabled to reduce the water flow, and respectively waste water, on 13% on the nursery area of AO “Nikitovsky pig farm”. As a result the decision to scale the project on all 53 nursery and fattening holding areas has been taken.

The Trading house “Agro-Belogorye” stepped up its efforts to engage foreign partners: a specialized section “Export” started to work on the web portal, here all the export volumes are sold. 24 companies from 14 countries have been already registered on the platform at the yearend.

For the first time the meat products “Agro-Belogorye” were sent to Africa – 54 tons pork legs have been delivered to the Gabonese Republic.
The Trading house “Agro-Belogorye” continued to implement e-commerce projects: its own electronic trading platform for wholesale purchasers of meat products,, was developed and put into operation. Main users of the platform are meat processing plants, retail chains and traders. There are about 300 tons products set out on the platform weekly.

A cooperation agreement with the company “Gasprom natural gas motor fuel” is concluded. The partnership should enable the holding transport infrastructure cross over to the natural gas motor fuel.

The Group of companies “Agro-Belogorye” became a member of the research and educational center of international standard “Innovative solutions in AIC”, which was organized in Belgorod region by presidential edict for the realization of national project “Science”. The mission of the research and educational center is to strengthen the country's food security and expand its scientific and technological presence in world markets.
The Trading house “Agro-Belogorye” kick started the online meat product store and own wholesale and retail center.

The group of companies started to build a processing area for raw casings and endocrine fermental stuff. The project is implemented on the meat processing plant together with a Holland company “Van Hessen”.
The main production unit of Yakovlevsky feed mill began to work. Project capacity is 210 thousand tons of pelletized feed annual. After putting it into operation the total volume of own feed reached 700 thousand tons per year.
Production was started at the first of 5 new pig farms under construction as part of the holding's largest investment project. The aim of the project is to increase the pork meat production from 163 thousand tons to 217 thousand tons by the year 2018.

“Agro-Belogorye” holding officially became an exporter. The first shipment of the meat products was sent to Hong Kong. LLC “LTD Agro-Belogorie”, responsible for export, was certificated for supply to the countries of Eurasian Economic Union, meat products from a Belgorod manufacturer were first tasted in Belarus.

A project of purchases digitalization was started. From 2016 the organization of procurement procedures for all companies of the holding is taking place on its own electronic trading platform. In the first year of the platform's operation, it was possible to achieve 15% savings on purchases without losing quality and without reducing volumes.
A new deep processing plant was put into operation. This step made it possible to double the processing capacity of the holding. The plant is equipped with high-technology cooling rooms, automatic buffer store and deep processing area for convenience meat products fabrication.
The crop producers of the Group of Companies gathered 384 thousand tons grain legumes – this is the best harvest for the 7 past years and it is almost 50 thousand tons more than the work program.

A sunflower processing plant with a capacity of up to 15 thousand tons of seeds per year was launched in the Borisovsky area of the Belgorod region. The company produces sunflower oil and high-protein oilcake necessary for the manufacture of company’s own feed.

The hybrid selection center “Agro-Belogorye” was granted the status of breeding and genetic center, became so the first enterprise of that kind in the region and the fifth in Russia. This fact entitled the center to deliver the genetic material all over the Russia for both commercial and purebred production.
The salvage factory “Agro-Belogorye” was opened, it produces meat and bone meal and technical fat for the holding’s feed mills. The salvage factory became a finishing element in the production chain, entitled to bring the pork carcass processing up to 96 per cent
The country's largest facility for the production of alternative energy was launched: the first electricity was generated at the “Luchki” biogas station. The station works on the waste from farm animal production and meat processing. The annual production volume is 19.6 million kWh of electricity, 18.2 thousand Gcal of thermal energy and 66.8 thousand tons of bioactive fertilizers. The electricity produced by the station is enough to supply all the residents of the Prokhorovsky area.

The technical school №23 in Dmitrievka of Yakovlevsky area started the employer-sponsored education at the request of GK “Agro-Belogorye”. The holding levels up the facilities and resources of the school, renovates the dormitory, implements the dual educational system, bringing more practice into the training program. Later on the school will acquire the status of a technical college and open new specialties of secondary vocational education.
One of the largest meat processing plants in the country was launched in Yakovlevsky area with a slaughter line for 250 animals per hour, with possibility to increase the capacity up to 360 animals per hour. There is the full range of technological operations on the plant “MPZ Agro-Belogorye” – from livestock intake to production shipping.

The hybrid selection center “Agro-Belogorye” built in Prokhorovsky area accepted first animals. The hybrid selection center is responsible for the reproduction of purebred animals with genetically guaranteed productivity and disease resistant.

Building of five new pig farms with a capacity of 6.2 thousand tons per year started. The farms are located in Graivoronsky, Krasnogvardejsky and Belgorodsky areas of the region.
At the yearend the “Agro-Belogorye” pig enterprices passed the significant mark by realization of 100 thousand tons of product during the year.

The company “AltEnergo” running under “Agro-Belogorye” assistance set into operation the solar electric plant and wind power generators. The first industrial alternative sources of energy in Belgorod region started near the village Krapivenskie Dvory in Yakovlevsky area. The capacity of facilities is 200 kWt.
The meat processing plant “Agro-Belogorye” launched in Belgorod. The company specialization is the production of cooled convenience meat product in retail package “Dalnie Dali”. The project capacity is 22.5 tons meat a day.

Feed mill with a capacity of 150 thousand tons per year started its operation in Krasnogvardejsky area.
This provided the eastern cluster of “Agro-Belogorye” pig farms with their own feed. As a result, the biosafety of the holding's production chain has reached a new qualitative level, the costs for transportation and storage of crops have been optimized.
The construction of the largest pig farm in Europe, OAO “Nikitovsky SK”, was finished in Krasnogvardejsky area. The project capacity is 9 600 sows and production of 22 thousand tons meat a year.

ZAO "Nucleus", which is a part of the group of companies, was given the status of a breeding plant. This fact allowed the company to enter the market of breeding pigs.

The Trading house “Agro-Belogorye” put on the market cooled meat under the brand “Dalnie Dali”. Semi-finished goods are produced according to the Clean Label principle: they do not contain dyestuffs, preservatives or other additives; the product contains only chilled high-quality meat. At the same time, long shelf life of products- up to 15 days - is achieved due to innovative packaging in a gas-modified environment.

The largest commercial dairy farm in Belgorod region was built up. The investment project was implemented on the basis of “Grayvoronskaya dairy farm”– a construction of a farm for 4 680 animals. The project capacity is 21.5 thousand tons milk.
The Group of companies “Agro-Belogorye” history began on July, 17th , 2007.
Under the leadership of Vladimir Zotov, the holding merged the EBS and EBK companies, which worked separately in pig and crop production. By the end of the year the group of companies consists of 21 enterprises, employing 3 thousand people. A professional team of top managers was created. The holding's infrastructure continues developing.