The holding’s companies make their procurements on the electronic trading platform for agricultural enterprise

All registered users can participate in procedures by making a treaty with “ETP-Agro” – the company which operates the platform.

All the information about undertaking procedures is published on in open access to make group of companies “Agro-Belogorye” procurements clear and efficient.

Key indicators in procurements’ terms of “Agro-Belogorye” holding
more than 11
milliard rub.
total amount of the holding's purchases in 2019
more than 400

procurements procedures per year
more than 800

suppliers of goods and services

The procurements organization with the help of “ETP-Agro” specialists and through electronic trading platform for agricultural enterprises helps to make the holding’s supply process more clear and dynamic, allows each supplier to participate in the procedures according to the same rules for everybody.

How to become a supplier?
Fill in the registration form on website.
Make a treaty with “ETP-Agro”
Participate in procurements procedures
Procurements’ general divisions
Raw material for mixed feed production
Animal drugs
Plant protection agents
Container and packing materials
Additional production equipment
Building and installation work
Fuel and lubricant materials
Work clothes and individual protective gear
Office supplies
Detergents and disinfectants for production

All questions about registration on platform you can ask by calling tall-free hotline number of “ETP-Agro” call-center 8 (800) 234-31-39. Here you can also find out any other information and leave your offers.

To ask question and send offer directly to organizer in case you didn’t find the suitable procurement in the list of current procedures use feedback form.

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