Holding structure


20 pig farms are located in 9 administrative areas of Belgorod region. Average monthly livestock is more than 1 million 200 thousand animals.

Special attention on the farms is given to biosafety, veterinary checks and environmental compliance. All the Agro-Belogorye pig farms have the highest biosafety compartment IV.

Our own hybrid selection center is engaged in the production of clean breed gilts and boars with genetically guaranteed productivity, resistant to diseases and intensive use in pig farms.


Cereal and oil crops for animal feed are grown on agroholding’s own fields.

Land resources include more than 105 thousand ha. Main crops: winter and spring wheat, sunflower, corn, soy, winter and spring barley.

3 cereal companies, located in Prohorovsky, Borisovsky and Krasnogvardeysky areas of Belgorod region ensure the procurement of food supply.


Animal food is produced on own mills. The total production capacity is 777 thousand tons per year.

8 types of high-tech feed are used at every stage of livestock growing.

Own laboratories ensure stringent control of inlet raw material and end product.


The meat processing plant “Agro-Belogorye” provides the whole range of manufacturing processes for slaughtering, primary and deep processing of pork meat. The processing depth allows almost the full use of the pork carcass.

Production capacity – 170 thousand tons of end product annually. The assortment contains more than 200 items of industrial and consumer products.


The list of holding auxiliary facilities:

- OOO “TD Agro-Belogorye” is responsible for the storing and sales of “Agro-Belogorye” meat products;

- OOO “Plodorodie” is engaged in pig waste utilization by applying it in the form of liquid organic fertilizer to the fields of cereal companies.


Established on 21.05.2007

Staff number – 201 employees

Production areas are located in Grayvoronsky area of the Belgorod region. The enterprise includes heifer farm and dairy unit. Core aspect of the company’s work is milk production.

Project capacity - 21,5 thousand tons of milk.
Production in 2019 – 24,7 thousand tons of milk.


Established in 2011

Staff number – 74 employees

Location – Belgorod, Mokrousova street, 19

The clinic is a multifunctional health care center.

During its operation, the clinic has risen from a highly specialized cardiac diagnostic center to a multifunctional medical institution with international status.

Today “Clinic Euromed” is equipped with the modern diagnostic facilities, many of which knows no equals in the region. The medical institution provides services in two dozen of medical specialties, makes mass preventive examinations of the population, as well as provides consultations with authoritative foreign experts.


Project started in 2014

Staff number – 131 employees

Location – Razumnoe, Prelestnaya street.
The first 5 star hotel in Belgorod region offers to natives and guests of Belgorod different services: SPA, a beach with an outdoor heated pool, a restaurant of Italian and Pan-Asian cuisine with a gorgeous summer terrace, a gym, a professional tennis court, a kids club, a multi-purpose congress hall, a banquet tent.

A specific feature of the resort is the unique interior with exclusive details and objet d'art. Every building has unique individual design. Since 2018 Riviera Wellness Resort has been managed by one of the most professional hoteliers in Russia and famous TV presenter Dmitry Makarov. In November 2020 the resort won the National Hotel Award 2020. Riviera Wellness Resort became the first in the “Best hotel design” nomination.


Opening date – June, 1st, 2016

Location – Belgorod, Sosnovka, Volchanskaya street, 292 zh

Staff number – 51 employees

Zoo’s territory covers 25 ha and includes 45 expositions for animals with wide open pastures and heated spaces for wintering. There is a big artificial lake for waterfowl with about 2 ha water surface.

The zoo provides for visitors car and bike parking, gift shop and contact area, café and picnic area, playgrounds and recreation site. More than 1 million people have visited the zoo during four years since its opening.


Opening date – August, 5th, 2017

Location – Belgorod, Sosnovka, Volchanskaya street, 292 d

Staff number – 19 employees

There are 88 dinosaur figures, including 12 robotic ones on the territory of 8.4 hectares. Every figure was manually made by professionals of a Czech company. The biggest figures are 29 meter long seismosaurus, 8 meter long tyrannosaurus and 10 meter long diplodocus. There are also a museum, a children's paleontological playground, Dinogril café, gift shop Dinoshop, 3 D cinema and a booth with Dinotattoo in the park. During its operation Dinopark has been visited by 599 942 persons.


Opening date – July, 7th, 2012

Staff number – 5 employees

A well-maintained recreation area with developed infrastructure is located near bypass road between Razumnoe and Solomino. Location – Dalnjaya Tihaya street, 2 P. Here you can have lovely time with your family, friends or colleagues. Visitors can stay in covered pavilions with tables, benches and barbecues.

Adventure travelers may use bow shooting range and ropes course. Kids can enjoy the playground and park amusements.


Opening date – December, 3rd, 2019

Location – Razumnoe, Berezovaya street, 26

Staff number – 189 employees

Maximal capacity is up to 1000 persons. Leisure activities include aquazone with pools and waterslides, café, SPA. Amusement is presented by 2 slide complex. The first one consists of 7 slides with different complexity levels, riding with or without rubber ring. Slide height – up to 17 meters. The length is up to 120 meters.

Some of the slides end with pools for splashing down, some have gutters for a smooth stop. The second complex is for children. There are five kids slides for children under 10 years. Aquapark has five pools: Relax, Wave pool, Lazy river, splashing pool and SPA pool. There are two steam baths situated in the aquazone on the second floor: sauna and aromatherapy bath.


Location – right bank of the Belgorod water reservoir

Staff number – 4 employees

The territory of more than 35 thousand hectares includes several forests at once. Among the options intended to create here: wellness route “Barefoot”, playgrounds, relax areas, mini-zoo and café. Viewing points are also planned in the Muromsky forest, on which the visitors could observe wild animals in free range.


The symbolic foundation stone in Riviera park was laid on September, 29th, 2019

A new recreational zone appeared near the village Razumnoe: next to the Lazurny aquapark and the Riviera resort complex. The total area of the park is 113 thousand square meters. More than 40 thousand plants have been planted in the park, more than 700 of them are trees: birches, weeping willows, pines, bird cherry trees. There are also shrubs - lilac, forsythia, viburnum, spirea, mock orange, Rugosa rose, 7 thousand bushes in total. The highlight of the park is the opportunity to feed the fallow deer.


Opening date – July, 7th, 2018

Location – Belgorod, Bogdana Hmel'nitskogo str., 16 a Staff number – 76 employees

“Masterslavl” is the only interactive developmental project for children from 5 up to 14 years (including) in the Black Earth region. This is the real city in miniature with own infrastructure and laws, where children perform “the adult’s duties“ and become professionals in a particular field through playing in a friendly and funny climate. Here you can try yourself as a constructor, banker, fireman, doctor, policeman, farmer, painter, get a salary and spend it up.


Foundation date – 2012

The park was created by “Agro-Belogorye” Group of companies together with Yakovlevsky area administration in Stroitel.

There are pedestrian paths, benches, a fountain, a playground and a stage where main festivals of the area are held. Hundreds of climbing and bush roses prove the name of the park. Cotoneaster and blue spruces are also used in landscaping.


Opening date – September, 2020

Location – Stroitel

Sretensky park became a jewel of Jakovlevsky area and whole Belgorod region.

A large LED screen is installed on the park square, here everyone can watch their favorite films in the open air in the evenings. The park was completed by new sports and playgrounds. Lamp lighting, new benches and trash cans have been installed on the territory. Pedestrian paths have been laid for walking in the park.